Hardware For Your In’Doors’

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Are you constructing a new customized home or modifying an existing one? Or are you simply looking to redecorate? Choosing the correct interior door hardware is a crucial but sometimes ignored step in attaining the look you want for your home. Remember, there is door hardware to match any decor, whether it is conventional, transitional, contemporary, or eclectic.

So, where do you begin? Let’s start with the types of handles. There are pros and cons for the various types of handles under consideration:


Door hardware manufacturers produce knobs that come in a variety of shapes, including round, oval, and egg-shaped. Round knobs complement traditional decor. Knobs can be difficult to open for little children, the elderly, or people with disabilities. If you have young children and do not want them to be able to access specific doors, safety coverings for knobs are widely available.


Levers offer a more modern appearance and are ideal for contemporary or transitional décor. For the elderly and people with disabilities, levers are easier to open than knobs. If you want to keep young children from opening doors in your home, levers are tough to childproof.

A right-hand lever is required if you have a door that opens to the right. Get a left-hand lever if the door opens to the left. When calculating how many of each sort of lever you will require, keep both sides of each door in mind.

Door Pull Handles

Door pull handles are suitable for passage doors or other doors that can only be opened by pushing or pulling on them. Backplate pull handles have a more classic appearance and can be used on both internal and external single and double doors.

Pull handles for sliding doors and pocket doors, which function from side to side rather than outwards and inwards, are made by door hardware manufacturers in addition to pull handles for single and double doors. These doors are ideal for rooms with limited space and can be opened with either flush pull handles or ring pull handles.

Now, lets take a brief look at the other important components. It is important to note that the finish on the additional door hardware described below should always match the finish of the handle you've chosen.

Backplate or Rosette

The ornate trim plate that sits between the knob/lever and the door is known as a rosette or backplate. A rosette can be ornamented or plain, but it should complement the finish of the door knob or lever. Rosettes come in a range of shapes and sizes, including rectangular, square, round, oval, and others.


The hinge is what connects the door to the doorjamb. Assemble the hinges so that they match the finish of the door handle and rosette. Hinges allow two linked items to move freely due to their rotating axis. A hinge, for example, allows a door to swing open and closed.

The Strike Plate

When the door is closed, a strike plate is put on the doorjamb and accepts the latch bolt.

To fit the strike plate inside the door jamb, the wood must be chipped off to match the shape of the strike while remaining flush with the jamb. Some common types of strike plates are full lip strike, extended lip strike & T-Strike. The strike plate should have the same finish as the rosette, hinges, and door handle.

Door Closer

Door closers are part of an entrance ecosystem, which also comprises the door frame, hinges, locks, and exit mechanisms. As a result, door closers work in harmony with the rest of the ecosystem. Door closers are low-cost energy-saving devices that can even prevent fires from spreading and save lives.

It’s absolutely worth the investment, and worth taking the time to find the right door and hardware combination to suit your home.  We are door hardware manufacturers with over 10 years of experience, specializing in making all kind of reasonably priced door/furniture handles and more. Get in touch with us today!

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