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China’s ever-growing furniture hardware industry, coupled with the ever-increasing and continuously evolving consumer demands, signifies the need for a player that fulfills these needs by manufacturing top-quality products.

HuiXing Hardware Co. Ltd is among those highly valued players across the Chinese furniture hardware industry that focus on delivering excellence and not just quality. Our extensive product range and manufacturing capabilities and the approach that puts our customers at the center make us the best furniture hardware manufacturer in China. Also, as a result of which, we’ve become one of the leading door hardware manufacturers, shower room accessories manufacturers, hairpin legs manufacturers, and the manufacturers of many other products.

HuiXing hardware Co., Ltd. was founded in 2016, mainly using Door closer, Glass door closer, Glass sliding door fittings, Glass door handle, Bathroom clip and bathroom hooks etc.

With rich trading experience of Founder, Huixing's professional team in the furniture hardware industry, stable supplier cooperation and rich customer resources, Huixing has risen rapidly in this field.

We have an excellent technical team, which can be designed according to customers requirements.



- Door Hardware

As one of the leading door hardware manufacturers in China, we employ the latest and the best manufacturing techniques, leverage technology-based production assemblies to achieve accuracy, and deliver excellence through every piece we manufacture. Under the door hardware umbrella, we manufacture,


Glass Door Closer: Perhaps unnoticeable, but seamless closing and opening form essential elements of the overall functioning of a glass door. At HuiXing, we manufacture the best quality glass door closers that ensure efficient closing and opening operations without any scratchy or irritating noise that usually accompanies inefficient closers.


Glass Sliding Door: We also engage ourselves in manufacturing glass sliding doors that exemplify the highest levels of durability, efficiency, and optimal functionality.


Glass Door Handle: At HuiXing, we understand how important it is to have a solid and durable glass door handle that fits well to the door and is durable enough to handle a high frequency of pull-open actions. We use the best quality material and ensure our door handles undergo strict quality checks to ensure reliable and sustainable use. We can customize the size and colors of the door handles we manufacture.


- Shower Room Accessories

Shower room accessories constitute an integral part of every bathroom. We acknowledge this significance and manufacture a range of shower room accessories.


Bathroom Hook: Where do you hang your clothes, bathrobe or towel, if you do not have a bathroom hook? Besides, what if the bathroom hook you use doesn’t support heavier fabrics and bends when you hang them on it? Well, the answer is an annoyance! But not with HuiXing, as we are one of the top shower room accessories manufacturers that manufacture top-quality bathroom hooks.


Bathroom Clip: We manufacture top-quality stainless steel bathroom clips with a polish/ satin finish, suitable for a toughened glass door. The door thickness has to be between 8-12mm. The clip is designed to enable automatic closure of the door upon turning it at 25 degrees.


- Hairpin Legs

A table can stand straight and remain steady only when it has a strong base to support it. Accordingly, at HuiXing, we manufacture durable and sturdy hairpin legs that provide optimal strength to the table.


Table Leg: Hairpin legs is one of our reputed and valued products across its market segment in China. We use the best-quality metal for optimal durability and weight-bearing strength. Additionally, the design and manufacturing techniques that we employ enable us to deliver the highest levels of precision. We manufacture hairpin legs in the range of non-customizable heights up to 152mm to 810mm. Black and gold are the two colors available in our hairpin legs.


Why Choose HuiXing as the Best Furniture Hardware Manufacturer?

Here are ten reasons to make us the best door hardware manufacturers, hairpin legs manufacturers, and shower room accessories manufacturers.

1. Excellent product quality

2. An approach that involves developing with credibility

3. Team of qualified product designers and manufacturers to ensure product excellence

4. State-of-the-art manufacturing technology

5. Efficient production setup to manufacture large product volumes

6. Qualified QA professionals and strict quality checks

7. Competitively-priced products

8. Efficient technical, logistical, and distribution support

9. Customer-first approach

10. Focus on product durability and efficiency

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